The basis of Farzanegan Pars Co.'s activity is the utilization of experienced specialists, modern equipment and ultimately provide the most appropriate and satisfying service. In this regard, to identify the customer’s needs and solve their problems, experienced personnel are employed in the support department that can respond to the practical needs of the customers and satisfy them. It should be pointed out that the company provides 7 days a week 24 hours a day support for customers. Users and customers can call our phone number, +982145296000, at any time to solve the problem they faced. The specialists in the support department will address their problem as soon as possible.  

Pursuant to Resolution No. 2 of Session 119 dated 28/08/2011 of the Communications Regulatory Authority (CRA) of Iran, Parameters, indices and same methods of measuring the qualitative of fixed telephone network performance have been approved in order to protect the rights of the customers of the mentioned network services. Also, pursuant to Resolution No. 5, Session 2, dated 20/06/2014, the Radio and Telecommunications Regulatory Authority should evaluate the quality of service of the operators every three months and present information for the public.

SLA (service Level Agreement)

Communications Regulatory Commission on Session 177 Dated 1/4/2011, reviews and approves proposed reforms of Resolution No. 90 dated 1/8/2011 to service Level Agreement( SLA ) regulations, and the criteria of service Level Agreement (SLA) In the form of Resolution NO.2, Session 177, dated 3/11/2013 replaced with the Resolution NO.90. According to paragraph 9 of Article 6 of association of the Radio and Telecommunications Regulatory Authority and to clarify the quality of service against its cost and to respect the rights of customers, the terms and conditions of Data Communications Service Level

Agreements at Meeting No. 90 dated 1/8/2010 of the Communications Regulatory Commission was reviewed and approved. Approved rules in this resolution shall be executed from the date of approval.