Annual needed equipment list

Farzanegan Pars Communications Company, in order to further develop and implement its plans and in line with Resolution 163, intends to identify manufacturers, dealers, and internal suppliers to provide needed equipment and supply goods with respect to the conditions of its executing projects

General conditions :

  • Adherence to Resolution 163 and submitting a recognizance to confirm the adherence to approved rules.
  • Obtain quality certificates and required standards
  • Obtain necessary licenses from the Regulatory Authority for Radio, custom house, and have confirmation for provided equipment and obtain the standards and other required permissions by the related authorities depending on the type of equipment
  • Have the minimum quality required by the company as stated by the technical department of the company
  • At least 2 years unconditional replacement warranty
  • After sales service and support throughout the country
  • Fixed price list of presented equipment For at least a year

It is worth noting that the received suggestion is technically and commercially reviewed and, after final approval, equipment is purchased from the list of approved suppliers according to their quality and price

The company annual required equipment list is as follows:

  • Different UPSs
  • Different Batteries
  • Rectifier
  • connectors, jumpers, and equipment for BTS installation
  • Coaxial cable 5C2V
  • Grand kit
  • Different Servers
  • Different Gateway with SIP, PRI, SS7 protocol support
  • Modem
  • Antivirus and so on

All kinds of computer equipment like hard drive and so on. All applicants can send their inquiries by email to info@farzaneganpars.ir or by fax to +9821-88670927.  

Called requirements

NO Description ad date Request deadline
1 SS7 to SIP Converter with 16 E1 Capacity 16.11.2017 22.11.2017
2 Buy TMU 21.04.2018 21.05.2018
3 Buy BTS 21.04.2018 23.07.2018
NO Description ad date Request deadline
1 UPS 6 KVA 07.02.2018 20.02.2018
2 Battery 12V/7AH 07.02.2018 20.02.2018
3 buy network transmission equipment (socket, cable, rack, connector, etc.) 21.04.2018 23.07.2018
4 Buy Data Server 22.06.2017 22.12.2017
5 Buy UPS 23.10.2017 20.02.2018
6 Buy switch 22.05.2018 22.08.2018
NO Description ad date Request deadline
1 Buy Laptop 22.05.2017 22.09.2017
2 Buy computer equipment (modem, hard drive ...) 22.06.2017 22.11.2017
3 Buy antivirus software 22.07.2017 22.11.2017
4 Buy Modem 20.02.2018 05.03.2018
5 Buy server and hard drive 21.03.2017 21.08.2018