An Overview

Farzanegan Pars Co, a subsidiary company of Iranzamin Bank, was established in 2015 aiming to provide technical services in the field of computer science and computer networks (based on new informatics technology). In October 2015, the company obtained the license to establish and operate the Fixed Communications Network (FCP) from the Radio Regulatory Authority (License No. 26-94-100). Now, this company along with 17 other companies, are the only companies to have FCP licensee in the country and offer a wide variety of services such as PSTN, ADSL, Dedicated bandwidth, data center, point-to-point connectivity and etc. The main focus of our company is to employ experienced specialists with modern equipment as well as providing satisfying customer service. Given the growing trend in the quality of new information technologies across the country, It is hoped that the company will use its capabilities and make a significant contribution to this growth.  

some of the key goals and strategies of Farzanegan Pars Co.: 

  • Developing and equipping the company infrastructure to fulfill its license obligations
  • Providing the proper infrastructure for customer support and development of service
  • Enhancing the company human resources structure and implementing the organizational excellence program
  • Expanding services in urban and high populated areas
  • Implementation of infrastructure project and development of services in the Free Trade Zones of the country
  • Applying the latest and most advanced telecommunication technologies
  • Developing the number of products and services in the field of information and communication technology to create added value