What is VoIP?

Voice over Internet Protocol(VoIP), also called IP telephony, referred to a method and group of technologies for the delivery of voice communications and multimedia sessions over Internet Protocol networks, such as the Internet.

What is the practical application of this technology?

VoIP represents a way to convert analogue audio signals to digital data which is transmitted over the Internet. It is also a free way to make phone calls anywhere over the world.

What is the purpose of utilizing VoIP?

The prime object in common is to overcome step-by-step the challenges that pose the risk of transmitting voice traffic over the telecommunications platform. Therefore, following this path is essential to ensuring the success of the organization's VIOP projects. IP-based telephone calls are fundamentally different from data communications, and the quality of these calls is closely linked to network quality, so any delays in network-level traffic will result in significant quality loss. Network managers' commitment to upgrading LANs, lines, and equipment of reaching the broad network, as well as the use of quality management and control devices, are key elements to the success of VIOP projects

What is VOIP used as a replacement for?

In the recent past, when people had never experienced the use of the Internet, telecommunications were carried out solely by telephone, as well as by PSTN lines (taken from the Public Switched Telephone Network). With the advent of personal computers, new communication technologies such as cell phones and the Internet have been developed that have led to the use of new services such as e-mail, chat and etc to facilitate communication with others.

What is the main application of Wenex VoIP?

An internal network, further all its application in the area of transferring data, can be used for telephone calls such as the central system or, in other words, it is a good platform for transferring audio or video and so on. Main VoIP Applications

  • Set up a call center - small office small home SOHO and…
  • Multi-Point Communications
  • Reduce telecommunication costs
  • Remote work
  • Record conversations
  • And…

Is special equipment is needed to use VoIP?

Most VoIP systems do not require any special equipment, and you can even use your regular phone to connect to a VoIP system. If you are using a commercial telephone system, you may also require purchasing adapters, analogue to VoIP signal converters, and VoIP phones. For cost reduction, you can also use a headset and microphone connected to a computer to make your calls.

Can I have My previous number?

Most VoIP service providers allow this

How do I install a Wenex VoIP system?

The way your system is implemented depends on the VoIP service provider that you will choose. Most VoIP providers allow you to download their software directly, which is a process that takes less than an hour. So you can launch the VoIP system quickly. If your system has multiple lines, multiple internal numbers, or dedicated bandwidth, you may need the help of specialists to set it up

Do I still need a fixed line?

Some VoIP users tend to have a fixed line for emergencies. Because the VoIP system uses an Internet connection to make calls, the system may be shut down due to a power outage or Power swing. Some VoIP providers also offer ways to keep their service available all the time. If you use VoIP via ADSL, you need a fixed line to be able to make calls in emergency time.

Can I also call non-VoIP phones?

Sure, the VoIP service allows you to make calls to any type of telephone system like fixed lines

Can I make international calls?

Yes, a VoIP call can be used to call any type of telephone system regardless of its location. Incidentally, international calls using VoIP are cheaper than conventional systems

Can I also use the VoIP connection to send faxes?

Some VoIP providers, such as Vonage, ViaTalk, Packet8, and Lingo also provide the ability to send faxes to their users. Some VoIP providers offer a dedicated fax line as part of their business service package. Using a dedicated fax line is a good idea, as you can send and receive faxes without affecting voice traffic

Can I use a wireless internet connection for the Wenex VoIP system?

Usually, a high-bandwidth internet connection via wires is more efficient than a wireless connection, but if your wireless availability is secure and fast, you can also use it for a VoIP system.

Is the quality of Wenex VoIP calls as good as regular calls?

Yes, before the wide using of VoIP, many users were worried about the packet loss of voice, which would reduce the sound quality, but these concerns could be subtracted by using a dedicated bandwidth connection. Nowadays, as Internet connections get faster, the sound is transmitted well and the sound quality is as good as fixed-line calls.

Why should I use Wenex VoIP?

Cost savings is the main reason users utilize this system. But there are also other reasons. One of them is the flexibility of VoIP systems, such that you can have the same fixed number and answer your calls anywhere around the world. Another reason is that VoIP systems are highly customizable and manageable, which is suitable for developing companies