What is a Dedicated Bandwidth?

Unlike shared bandwidth services, such as ADSL, which bandwidth is shared among multiple users, this service reserved solely for the use of one customer. Moreover, the upload and download volume is unlimited. If possible, the service provided on an optical fiber platform and, if not, on a broadband wireless communications platform. In this service, up to 400 MB of bandwidth and even more are available.

What does " Symmetry Services " mean?

The rate of receiving and sending data on these services is the same

Where is the service provided?

This service is available all over the country

Does the Fixed Telephone line is needed for using Dedicated Bandwidth?

The bandwidth service is provided over the wireless platform without any dependency on the telephone line or the Telecommunication centers

How long does it take to install and launch the service?

Bandwidth service can be launched within 48 hours following in-person visiting and investigating the feasibility of the place

How is bandwidth service supported?

We are ready to support your service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

What are the most important advantages of dedicated bandwidth over shared services

One of the benefits of dedicated bandwidth is the guaranteed service speed and unlimited upload and download volume