Towers and Apartments

With the rapid growth of urban fabric and the increasing number of high-rise residential, office and commercial towers and apartments in metropolises, especially Tehran, the communications infrastructure in many areas no longer handles the numerous demands of citizens to receive an ADSL/VDSL high-speed Internet connection. 

Farzanegan Communications, as a provider of high-speed Internet service, is ready to provide ADSL/VDSL Internet connection and the required bandwidth; This is while one of the difficulties with high population density is the lack of ADSL capacity in that area. Additionally, in many cases, the lack of telephone lines based on the copper wire is an obstacle to servicing towers and complexes residents.

On the other hand, some towers or apartments, whether residential, office or commercial, for reasons such as maintaining the privacy of the building (due to the constant entry of installers and technical support from different companies) and reducing costs (with bulk buying), tend to provide the required services of the entire units from a specific provider. To meet this part of the customer's needs, Farzanegan pars has come up with a comprehensive solution. In this way, service is provided within each complex itself. In fact, a small high-speed Internet Service Provider (with a DSLAM device similar to a communications center) is installed by the Farzanegan Pars in the building, which is connected in the form of peer to peer connection via the wireless connection line(the radio antenna on the rooftop) to the main center of the company and, distribute the dedicated bandwidth received from the source over a fixed line (ADSL/VDSL) or cable or wireless LAN (Wi-Fi) or even power lines (PLC) among individual request of units. With this method, all residential, office, commercial, supervisory and other units can use high-speed Internet service and other services provided by the company, with the highest quality and high security. 
A key point in this type of connection is to maintain the absolute independence of the units, meaning that each unit can visit Wenex individually and orders its own high-speed Internet service at the desired speed and traffic volume.

Some Points about residential towers

1. feasibility study:

In order to set up a connection between the tower both radio antenna by the CPE waves, these two need to be on a straight line with respect to the location of each other. So, to examine such a possibility, the technical specialists of the Farzanegan Communication Unit first come to the area. Subsequent to monitoring the location of the complex, Internet connection and distribution equipment can be placed in the complex.

It should be noted that the prerequisite for setting up high-speed Internet service in this method is to have at least twenty-four customers in a tower or complex. If the number of applicants is less than that, there will be no possibility to servicing the company with the usual price, and the servise cost will be different.

2. Contract with the complex board of directors:

Farzanegan Communications Company for allocating physical space at the building and conferring the privilege of providing high-speed Internet service to residents, signs a contract with the complex board of directors

3. Setting up the equipment:

Specialists of the Farzanegan Communication Installation Unit will install and operate the equipment required at the designated time.

4. Providing Service for Customers:

Venerable residents who requested for using the Farzanegan communications high-speed Internet services can, like other applicants, sign up in one of the online or offline ways and benefits from the provided services.

If you have any questions please refer to the “Common Questions” section or contact us with the provided phone number at any time

Also for requesting high speed Internet services for towers and complexes, you can call +9893110000 internal number 107

Benefits of Wenex Internet Service in Towers and Complexes
  • Home Internet Service based on recent TD-LTE technology
  • Internet Service for organizations based on TD-LTE technology
  • Wireless bandwidth services of Peer-to-Peer and one peer to several peers
  • Create virtual networks based on TD-LTE, ADSL, VDSL, Broadband Wifi, VSAT technologies
  • Provide smart phone internet service using VoIP technology
  • High speed Internet service base on ADSL and VDSL