Service internet TD-LTE

Four generation Internet (TD-LTE) is one of the recent technologies developed to access Internet content and internal networks. This technology has eliminated the limitations of using the copper wires. This means that you do not require a fixed telephone line to use this service, so it will be extremely fast and easy to set up.

This technology, based on timing of send and receive data from the network, uses the frequency. Moreover, It has the capability to connect to the fourth generation fixed-line high-speed Internet by using a SIM card. Up to this time, these SIM cards are not capable of making calls and texting.

By using TD-LTE technology, the user receives a Wenex brand SIM card and modem and enjoys high-speed Internet with nationwide coverage. To receive TD-LTE services from Farzanegan Pars Communications Company, complete and submit the registration form

Points about Wenex TD-LTE Services
  • In these services, transferring traffic to the next service is not allowed
  • To purchase traffic, one of the suggested traffic packages must be selected
  • Value added tax (9%) will be added to service prices in accordance with the Fifth Development Plan Act of Iran
  • All mentioned speeds are stable and Winks provides each service with a %95 speed guarantee.
  • The cost of setting up the service and modem is 300,000 Rials.
  • The services provided to Wenex Customers, in accordance with the rules approved in Session 177 of the Radio Communications Regulatory Commission, is covered by the Data Communications Service Level Agreement
  • All services have 24*7 support from Wenex