Specific projects and Solutions

Farzanegan Pars Communications Company, besides providing its services to organizations and users (as of end users of Internet services), has also provided specific solutions to large organizations such as telecommunications companies and implementing their required projects from a long time ago. Today, the company offers complete, up-to-date and distinctive service to its customers in this field. To this end, a vast variety of services including Understanding customer needs and engineering specifications to address these needs, supply of the best and most appropriate solution to meet the requirements mentioned in the field of data transfer, implementation, installation and operation as well as maintenance and management of equipment are provided to customers in this service. The importance of these special projects and solutions is such an extent that a team of the most experienced specialists in Farzanegan Pars Communications Company in the framework of different project management teams is responsible for servicing the customers in this field

Some of these services include::

  • Providing consultation in the field of telecommunication and data transfer
  • Infrastructuring, installing, operating and supplying of telecommunication and data transfer equipment
  • Maintaining and Repairing installed networks and equipment
  • Consulting, providing equipment, and operating WAN and LAN networks
  • Designing and implementing Voice / Video and Ip Telephony networks
  • Offering access and aggregation solutions using equipment of most well-known telecommunication equipment manufacturers
Integration and Access Solutions

Some of Access and Aggregation Strategies offered by Farzanegan Pars Companies in the area of Telecommunication and Data Transfer Services are as follows:

  • Wireless networks for Backhauling and Last Mile using microwave equipment
  • Supply equipment including data ports
  • VoIP traffic exchange
  • Voice over DSL
  • Video on Demand
  • TD-LTE Internet