Fixed Telephone

Farzanegan Pars Co. provides its services all over the country. Based on your location and services you need, you can benefit from the Wenex Special Solutions for Telephone Conversation. Farzanegan Pars by assigning phone numbers to customers offers these services in one of the following ways:: 

  • Wenex Fixed telephone line Service for Towers and Complexes: This service, which is suggested especially for towers and complexes, is available for customers via copper wire and by regular telephone.
  • Wenex Home Fixed telephone line services Using IP-Phone: This way is offered to current Wenex customers that using IP-Phone.
  • Wenex Home Fixed telephone line services with IAD Modem: another way for Wenex customers to use Fixed telephone line services are employing an IAD device, using of which leads to providing customers both Telephone conversation and internet services simultaneously.
  • Wenex Home Fixed telephone line services Using a smartphone: In this method, users of the high-speed Wenex internet by using an app and having a dedicated number can make phone calls on the Wenex Internet platform with unique features
Why should I use Farzanegan Pars Fixed telephone line Services?

Using Farzanegan Pars Home Fixed telephone line Services you can:

  • Pay less and talk more
  • Regardless of the destination operator and without limitation, make calls to any number you want whether in Iran or around the world.
  • Support Services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Get the new phone number as many as you want
  • Always own your phone line with all its features
  • Make calls without using the traffic of your internet service
  • Call emergency numbers like 110, 115 and so on for free
  • Use Call Forwarding and Call Conference capability in your calls