Customer Rights Charter

Undoubtedly, each contract creates obligations and commitment for both parties such that both parties must respect and enforce its contents. Moreover, customers can enjoy rights and privileges by doing their commitment properly. The Farzanegan Pars Co. Customer Charter states: “Believing in the preservation of human dignity and karamat and relying on the superlative values of rich Islamic and Iranian culture, and in line with the sustainable development, Farzanegan Pars Co. and all its employees consider themselves responsible for the legal rights of their customers.

The basic principles of customer rights are as follows:
  • The customer has the right to be treated honestly, fairly and lawfully
  • The customer has the right to be treated with courtesy, respect, and moderation
  • We do our best with precision, speed, and without deliberate failure
  • We believe in honesty, in speech and in action, as well as on time fulfillment of obligations
  • We act and make decisions based on current laws and regulations
  • We will consider your specific condition and will resolve issues within the law and authority
  • We believe that the customer has the right to be guided
  • We inform you about your rights and obligations in a variety of provided ways
  • We will guide you as much as possible and provide you with reliable information
  • We employ all our knowledge, skills and abilities to satisfy customer
  • Our performance is clear and we hold ourselves responsible for it
  • Continuous improvement of our service quality is the customer right