What is TD-LTE?

With the rollout of LTE networks and an increasing number of new LTE devices coming to market, the emergence of a second variant of the standard, TD-LTE may seem confusing. So what is TD-LTE? the name TD-LTE is derived from TDD-LTE and is an acronym for Time Division Duplexing - Long Term Evolution. Long Term Evolution (LTE) technology represents the standard for high-speed wireless data transmission. This technology comes in two various forms: FD-LTE and TD-LTE. TD-LTE technology is, in fact, the most preceding generation of fixed Internet Which provides users the wireless Internet. This technology in comparison with other fixed Internet technologies including Dial-up, ADSL and WiMAX, Provides higher speed internet access for users.

What are the benefits of TD-LTE over ADSL?

  • Up to 5x faster upload speed
  • Up to 6x faster download speed
  • No noise problems and no interruption in phone lines
  • Unlimited communications capacity and without lack of ports
  • Ability to move within the city and country and not be limited to a specific location
  • No need for a fixed telephone line to provide Internet services
  • Quick and easy installation and starting

What are the benefits of TD-LTE over Mobile Internet?

  • Ability to be used by multiple people Simultaneously
  • Less cell phone battery consumption/li>
  • Ability to connect to mobile, tablet, laptop and etc. by Wi-Fi
  • High speed and stability of upload and download data and also much more cost effective than mobile internet

Can any modem be used to receive TD-LTE wireless internet services?

No, you need to get a TDC-LTE wireless SIM Card and modem from Wenex Company to use this service

Is it possible to use TD-LTE SIM card without modem and directly by a mobile phone?

No, it is necessary to use TD-LTE wireless modems.

Are TD-LTE Wireless Internet Modems Portable?

If the new location is also covered by TD-LTE wireless internet service, it is possible to move the modem and use it in a new location, However, for getting high quality and stable Internet services, moving the modem from its main location is not recommended and will not be supported if so.

How to get Wenex TD-LTE Wireless Internet Services?

You can provide high speed Internet service by:

  • Complete the request form by visiting wenex.ir
  • Call +9821-93110000
  • Contact with agents of Farzanegan Pars Company all over Iran

  • How can I see my service type and amount of traffic volume consumption?

    You can find out about your active service and the amount of traffic consumed by visiting the Wenex Client page at wenex.ir.

    How do I purchase a service, additional traffic, and book a service?

    Wenex Clients can purchase service or renew subscription, as well as purchase additional traffics by visiting the Wenex Clients page at wenex.ir

    Can I make payments with other bank cards except the bank card seggested on the Client page?

    Yes, with any card that belongs to the Iran bank acceleration system, you can pay online and the bank you choose to pay can differ from the bank you have a bank account

    If I buy GigPack and my service expires, is it possible to transfer the traffic to the next service?

    No, Gigpack can only be used for a specified period of time.

    Is it possible to move the previous service traffic to the newly purchased service?

    No, if the service time and traffic valume left from the previous service, as the new service is activated the time and traffic of the previous plan will be deleted.

    How to requsest for a purchase invoice?

    If you request a purchase invoice with company stamp and signature, you can contact the support team by email or call +9821-93110000.

    How many days is the invoice delivery time

    Up to ten business days after selecting the services

    Can a TD-LTE modem be assigned to someone else?

    Yes, to change ownership, you must use the "Voice of the Customer" section on the Wenex website. This procces requires that the national card of the previous owner and the new owner be submitted along with the request

    How to inactive SIM Card?

    By completing the form in the "Customer Contact" section and attaching the national card of modem owner along with a written request